b'HUNT 01ALASKA - MOOSEThis is one of our most popular moose hunts in Alaska. No drawing required. Our success rate has been 75-80% with nearly 100% shot opportunity. They run two hunts with 12 full huntingdays.ThefirsthuntisSeptember 1-12andthesecondisSeptember14-25. Theyonlytake3perhunt.Wevebeen MOOSEworkingwiththisoutfitterformanyyears and have references that would be happy to tell you more about their experience. Bulls willrangefrom55to60.Yourhunting adventure will start from Fairbanks then a bush flight to the north side of the Alaskan Range, followed by 4-hour side by side ride tocamp.Themooseareaisnotphysical terrain, but a hunter should be in good shape to be effective. Grizzly and Dall sheep tags are over the counter and available for on trophy fee. If considering multi-species hunt in Alaska, this would be good option from September 1-14 for sheep, grizzly and moose. Caribou also available with application deadline is early December. Plan your Alaska moose adventure in advance, limited openings.Rates: 12-day 1x1 $27,500; bush flights included; add license and tags;harvest fee grizzly $10,000 or Dall sheep $12,000; caribou $5,000HUNT 02ALASKA - MOOSEThis is a BOWHUNTING ONLY outfitter and will only hunt with four hunters during peak rut dates. This area offers an over-the-counter tagno drawing required. The hunt area is 250+ miles northwest of Fairbanks. We have been booking clients since 2001 when Mark, MR James, and Larry Jones took bulls. Weve had several clients since then that will be happy discuss their hunt. Moose hunting during the rut with archery equipment definitely has its highs and lows. Its an exciting and intense hunting when these bulls are rutting. Hunt dates are September 10- 22, leaving a couple days on the end if you would need to extend the hunt. Season ends on September 25. Booking for 2025.Rates: 12-day 1x1 moose $20,000 plus $4,000 trophy fee; add moose tagVIEW OUR CATALOGBOWHUNTING FROM YOURSAFARI MOBILE DEVICECONSULTANTS,8 LLC'