b'HUNT 03YUKON - MOOSE/RFDWHG\x03 LQ\x03 WKH\x03 KHDUW\x03 RI\x03 WKH\x03 3HOO\\\x03 0RXQWDLQV\x0f\x03 WKLV\x03 RXWWWHU\x03operates in one of the largest, most scenic and remote areas ofCanadasYukonTerritory.Youradventurebeginsin Whitehorse, which is located about 100 miles southwest of their concession. From Whitehorse, you will be transported intooneoftheseveralwildernessoutpostcampslocated MOOSEthroughout the 8,000+ square mile area. Scattered throughout WKH\x03DUHD\x03DUH\x03PRUH\x03WKDQ\x03IW\\\x03ODNHV\x03WKDW\x03JLYH\x03DFFHVV\x03E\\\x03IORDW\x03plane and several bush strips for wheel plan access. Hunts are conducted from horseback, by boat on lakes or by jet boat on rivers. You can also combo this hunt with Grizzly, Caribou, Wolf and Wolverine. Contact us on fees and available dates.Rates: 12-day hunt $23,500; add license, tag, charter flight, taxes; additional animals on trophy fee HUNT 04 HUNT 05YUKON - MOOSE YUKON - MOOSE7KLV\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 KDV\x03 D\x03 \x18\x0f\x13\x13\x13\x03 VTXDUH\x03 PLOH\x03 DUHD\x03 LQ\x03 WKH\x03 Thisoperationislikelythemostfamousarchery southeast portion of the Yukon. BSC has been bookingmoosehuntingdestinationinYukon.Thelargest clientsherewelloveradecade.Wesuggestourmoose entered in P&Y came from this area, measuring bowhunting clients hunt the last week of September249 1/8. This area has a great reputation through a DQG\x03 UVW\x03 ZHHN\x03 RI\x03 2FWREHU\x03 \x0bERZ\x03 GDWHV\x03 6HSWHPEHU\x03 countless number of top listed moose in P&Y, B&C, 24-30 or October 2-8). Due to the popularity of thisandSCI.JaytookhisYukonbullherealongwith RXWWWHU\x0f\x03WKHLU\x033\x03GRQDWLRQ\x03LQ\x03FRQMXQFWLRQ\x03ZLWK\x03%6&\x0f\x03 many other archery hunters. This area will produce and past articles written, we normally can only secure\x19\x13\x10\x1a\x13r\x03EXOOV\x03HYHU\\\x03\\HDU\x11\x037KH\x03RXWWWHU\x03LV\x03D\x03ERZKXQWHU\x03a couple of slots each year.They only take 4 archeryand hunt donor at Pope & Young Convention. They guys per season. Expect bulls in the 200 + range. Youruntwo10-dayhunts,whichareconductedfrom will arrive in Whitehorse, and then drive a rental carcabinsorwalltentsstartingSeptember15-24or to Watson Lake. All-inclusive package that includesSeptember 25-October 4. They have lake camps that travel from Watson Lake to camp (via bush plane, or inRIIHU\x03VKLQJ\x0f\x03ULYHU\x03FDPSV\x03DQG\x03RIIHU\x03D\x03KRUVHEDFN\x03KXQW\x03some cases ATVs or boats), 5% GST tax, license, tags,with higher odds for caribou or grizzly. Horse camp Yukon Preservation Fee. Horseback hunts offer greatdates September 3-12. Additional animals available multi- species hunt with grizzly, caribou and goat onon trophy fee basis. Reserve your spot 12 months in trophy fee. advance.Rates: 1x1 $29,000 all inclusive; 7-day boat hunt or Rates: 10-day 1x1 boat or horseback hunt $28,000 10-day horseback; additional trophy fees on grizzly,all- inclusive. Price includes charter fees, license caribou or goa; wolf and black bear no charge and tax; wolf and wolverine available, trophy fee on Grizzly and Caribou.1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog9'