b'MOOSEHUNT 14ALBERTA - CANADIAN MOOSE:H\x03KDYH\x03EHHQ\x03ZRUNLQJ\x03ZLWK\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03IRU\x03QHDUO\\\x03a decade guiding giant black bear in far Northern Alberta.TargetingBIGCanadianmoose,this RXWWWHU\x03KDV\x03KHOLFRSWHU\x03DFFHVV\x03DQG\x03D\x03VWULS\x03IRU\x03KLV\x03[HG\x03wingaircraftlandingyou20-30milessouthofthe NorthwestTerritoriesborder.Thiswildernessarea had no commercial or resident hunting pressure. The closest road is 40 miles deep through heavy timber. 2XWWWHU\x03 KDV\x03 DUUDQJHG\x03 KHOLFRSWHU\x03 IOLJKWV\x03 WKDW\x03 EULQJ\x03hunterswithinwalkingdistanceofcamp.Hunting isdonewithfreightercanoesandshallowdrive mud engines. Camp consists of two wall tents, cots, portable shower, generators and good home cooked food. These are 7-day hunts in peak rut, September 15-23. Fly into High Level, Alberta where you meet WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x11Rates: 7-day 1x1 $13,800; add tax, license and tagHUNT 15NEWFOUNDLAND - CANADIAN MOOSEThese remote camps have continued to produce trophy quality moose and caribou since 2014 when BSC sent three clients. Their bulls averaged 48 with the largest at 53. Since then, year after year our clients are taking largebullsfromthisarea.Clientsmustbewillingto walk the rugged terrain Newfoundland offers. He offers a Trophy Moose camp with only two hunters per week starting mid-September. This camp is a 20-minute further helicopter ride with small cabins versus the main camp, running 3-4 hunters per week with the lodge. Boats and ATVs are used to access the hunting area. Arrive in Deer Lake then drive south to Peter Strides for a helicopter charter into camp.Rates: 6-day 1x1 moose rut hunt $8,300; 6-day trophymoose area $12,000; tags and bush flights included; add tax and airport pick up1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog13'