b'HUNT 28COLORADO - AMERICAN ELKThis large 50,000-acre private ranch in unit 9 will only take two hunters per week in September. Majority of hunting is bugling/spot and stalk. The elk population is stable here with hunters reporting over a hundred head daily. You can expect 275300 average bulls harvested on this hunt. You will see larger bulls and we had clients take bulls north of 340. Terrain is relatively mild on a physical scalevery bow friendly. You will stayinaniceranchhousethatincludesmealsand lodging. Landowner tags are included in hunt price. Only 5 hunts each September.ELK Rates: 5-day 1x1 $9,500; add license & habitat stampHUNT 29 HUNT 30ALBERTA - AMERICAN ELK MONTANA - AMERICAN ELKWe have been booking archery clients on this 30,000Private ranch elk hunts are becoming more of a demand acreprivateranchsouthofCalgaryformanyyears.IRU\x03 DUFKHU\\\x03 KXQWHUV\x11\x03 7KLV\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 SURYLGHV\x03 DUFKHU\\\x03Normally they have 9 archery allocations for this ranchhunts on several private ranches around Big Timber. whichholdshundredsofelk.TheranchsupportsaThese ranches are all general draw areas that you healthy elk herd and you will normally see bulls in thecan hunt with the Big Game Combination tag. They also 300-330 class during your hunt. Hunts are conductedhave a couple private ranches that require a special as spot and stalk/bugling, as well as hay bale blindsGUDZ\x03SHUPLW\x11\x032XWWWHU\x03ZLOO\x03DVVLVW\x03RQ\x03WKH\x03DSSOLFDWLRQ\x11\x033DVW\x03DQG\x03 EOLQGV\x03 RQ\x03 WUDYHO\x03 URXWHV\x03 WR\x03 DQG\x03 IURP\x03 HOGV\x11\x03 6KRW\x03 clients have taken some younger bulls - 280s and others opportunity historically has been 80-100% dependingin the mid 300s. Accommodations will be a comfortable on the year. Accommodations are a comfortable ranch.ranch house with meals. You are also allowed to harvest Arrive in Calgary. mule deer, no additional trophy fee. The 2x1 archery Rates: 6-day 1x1 $8,500; add $1000 trophy fee hunts have advantages during rut. Fly into Bozeman or on harvested or wounded elk; mule deer or whitetail Billings. Airport pickup available.$1,000 trophy fee plus license; add tax, elk license,Rates: 5-day 1x1 $7,550, 2x1 $6,050; add combination allocation, and bowhunting permit tag18'