b'HUNT 36ALASKA - BROWN BEARThis Master Guide, based in western Alaska, has had guide exclusive area in the Kilbuck Mountains for 30 years. He has a very economical August brown bear hunt, taking take full advantage of salmon runs in the river systems. This raft float hunt will have you in several differentareasontheriverduringyouradventure. )LVKLQJ\x03LV\x03IDEXORXV\x04\x03RX\x03FDQ\x03DOVR\x03KXQW\x03WKH\x03UVW\x03SDUW\x03RI\x03September as a moose/brown bear/black bear combo orthelastweekofSeptemberasbrownbearonly. The late September hunt can be excellent as the bears have moved up to the headwaters of two main rivers, where the last of the silver salmon are spawning. You will overnight in Anchorage, your adventure starts the IROORZLQJ\x03 GD\\\x03 LQ\x03 $QLDN\x0f\x03 ZKHUH\x03 \\RX\x03 PHHW\x03 WKH\x03 RXWWWHU\x03then charter to hunting area.Rates: August 11-day 1x1 $18,500; September 9-day combinationmoose,brownbear,blackbearhunt BEAR$45,000; late September 9-day brown and black bear only hunt $18,500; plus bush flight, license and tagsHUNT 37ALASKA - BROWN BEAR7KH\x03DNXWDW\x03IRUHODQGV\x03KDV\x03VRPH\x03RI\x03WKH\x03QHVW\x03VDOPRQ\x03spawninggroundsinthestate,whichsupporta very strong brown bear population, as shown by the length of their hunting season: September 1- May 31. Spring hunts are tent based and are primarily spotandstalk.Thesecanalsobecombinedwith black bear. The fall hunts are cabin or tent based, FRQFHQWUDWLQJ\x03 RQ\x03 WKH\x03 DOGHU\x03 FUHHNV\x03 OOHG\x03 ZLWK\x03spawning salmon. This could be spot and stalk hunt or a float hunt. This master guide and his family have a long history of guiding bear hunters in southeast. Youradventurewillbeginwhenyouarrivein DNXWDW\x03ZKHUH\x03\\RX\x03PHHW\x03WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x11\x037KLV\x03LV\x03D\x03RQH\x03bear every four-years permit area.Rates: 10-day 1x1 $18,500; plus license and tag1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog21'