b"HUNT 41ALASKA - BLACK BEAR with FISHING This hunt is a relaxing boat based black bear hunt in early June on the southern coast of Alaska.This RXWWWHU\x03KDV\x03D\x03VROLG\x03KLVWRU\\\x03RI\x03JXLGLQJ\x03ERZKXQWHUV\x03LQ\x03the spring or the fall. Spring hunts take place in early June targeting grass beaches for rut activity. The fall seasonstartsSeptember1,huntingoversalmon VWUHDPV\x11\x03)DOO\x03KXQWV\x03DOVR\x03LQYROYH\x03VKLQJ\x03DQG\x03FUDE\x03SRGV\x03during the day. Youll stay in a large comfortable boat with small aluminum boats to access the shoreline or shallow bays. Black bears are plentiful on Kuiu Island with nearly daily stalks. Many of these southern black EHDU\x03 ZLOO\x03 H[FHHG\x03 \x19p\x11\x03 RXpOO\x03 PHHW\x03 WKH\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 HLWKHU\x03in Sitka or Kake to begin your adventure. Great way experience Southern Alaska.Rate: 7-day 1x1 $7,500; plus license and tagBEARHUNT 42 HUNT 43BRITISH COLUMBIA - COASTAL BLACKBRITISH COLUMBIA - BLACK BEARBEAR - BOAT HUNT When hunters think about coastal black bear in BC, they :H\x03KDYH\x03DQ\x03RXWWWHU\x03DORQJ\x03WKH\x03FRDVW\x03RI\x03%ULWLVK\x03&ROXPELD\x03 often think of hunts on Vancouver Island with a healthy offering a 7-day boat hunt for big coastal black bear.SULFH\x03WDJ\x11\x037KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03LV\x03ORFDWHG\x03RQ\x03WKH\x03PDLQODQG\x0f\x03DFURVV\x03This is one the most relaxing, enjoyable coastal huntsfrom Vancouver Island on the Sunshine Coast. They hunt \\RXpOO\x03 H[SHULHQFH\x11\x03 $FWLRQ\x03 SDFNHG\x03 GD\\V\x03 ZLWK\x03 VKLQJ\x0f\x03 both spring and fallseasons. The area has an extremely crabbing in the morning then straight into stalking bearshigh density of bears and the average bear will go over 6, in the evenings. This hunt has all the extras, living on thewith a few over 7 each year. If you are looking for an early beautiful British Columbia coastline. Hunters will glass thehunt in late April and early May the bears are always out shorelines for mature boars then stalk within bow range.here. Thierry Caruso had this to say about his adventure: If you check the record books, most of the biggest bearsGreat organization, top notch guide and beautiful scenery. ever taken in British Columbia come from northern British'HQLWHO\\\x03WZR\x03WKXPEV\x03XS\x11r\x03+XQWV\x03DUH\x03FRQGXFWHG\x03E\\\x03FUXLVLQJ\x03&ROXPELD\x03YHUVXV\x039DQFRXYHU\x03,VODQG\x11\x037KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03KDV\x03ORQJ\x03 beaches and estuaries or by hunting logged areas by 4WD history guiding bowhunters for black bear and goats. Aand ATVs. We had one client from Australia do 19 stalks on second bear is available on a trophy fee. Only 3 huntersmature bears in 5 days. Talk to some of our past clients if you per session and must reserve all 3 spots. Hunts run fromare interested in a coastal spot and stalk hunt in an area that middle April through May.produces big bears!Rates: 7-day $9,900 per person; plus tax, license, tagsRates: 5-day 1x1 $7,000; 2x1 $6,000; plus tax, license & and government and trophy fee tag; extra bear available for $4,000 trophy fee1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog23"