b'HUNT 50BRITISHCOLUMBIA-BLACKBEAR (SPOT + STALK)Thisisaprofessionalguideandoutfitterweuse for moose, goats and black bear in central British BEARColumbia. His spring bear hunts have become moreHUNT 51and more popular in the past few years for severalNEW BRUNSWICK - BLACK BEARreasons: animal density, fishing, and relaxing lake cabins. If youre looking for a fun spring hunt to spotLikely one of the best values in eastern Canadian is this andstalkblackbearsfromloggingroads,clear- gem of an operation near Bathurst. BSC clients have cuts,freshgreenup,thenyoullenjoythisarea.had 100% shot opportunity and nearly 100% harvest! Spring hunts start in mid-May and run until the endThe camp offers very comfortable accommodations of June. Bear coats are in prime condition. The bearswith hard working guides and plenty of bears. This is range in size from 6 to 7 . Hunts are conductedan alcohol-free camp, and the outfitter enjoys taking from a lake camp that also offer fantastic fishing forhusband and wives or youth bowhunters. It is not an big rainbow and lake trout at this time of year. Flyarea we recommend if you are set on hunting Pope into Prince George where you meet the outfitter. & Young size bears, although one of our clients did Rates: 6-day 2x1 $5,200; add tax, license, tags and take a bear over 19. Bears in this area historically government fees are smaller than bears taken in central and western Canada, but this price for a fully guided hunt is hard to beat. We have numerous great reports back from our clients. Youll fly to Bathurst, or if driving, you are about 300 miles north of Bangor, Maine.HUNT 52 Rates:5-day$2,750all-inclusiveoftaxesand ALASKA - GRIZZLY BEAR licenseThis western Alaskan location has produced some giant bears for our clients for many years. With British Columbiaclosinggrizzlyhunts,thisareaishigh demand for archery hunters chasing the super slam. Five of the top ten came from this area including #1, #2 & #3. They are running three 11-day hunts each springstartingmiddleMaytomiddleJune.Only 3 hunters per 11-day hunt. This outfitter has likely taken more archery grizzly than any other location in North America. The hunt can be challenging with late spring and sea ice. Any Alaskan coastal hunt will involve frigid weather. Camp will be wall tents, wood flooring, cots, and wood burners all set-up on the ocean beach. You hunt most of the night then rest at camp during the day. Primary transportation will be boat or ATVs depending on sea ice.Rates: 11-day 1x1 $27,500; plus license and tag26'