b'HUNT 66UTAH - COUGARThis outfitter, located in southeastern Utah, works hard to get your lion with 60-70% success rates the first time out. He also offers a bounce back policy; if unsuccessful, return at 50% cost later that season orthefollowingyear.Thisisanaffordableand beautiful place to hunt lions. Hunts are conducted by 4WD from December through March. You will be responsible for your own hotel room and meals. We have a long list of references. You can hire a second guide to be out scouting for tracks for the 6 days for $1,500 extra plus tax.Rates: 6-day 1x1 $5,500; add tax and licenseCOUGARHUNT 67BRITISH COLUMBIA - COUGARThis outfitter is in southeastern British Columbia. Mark hunted here a few years back and they have aphenomenaltrackrecordonmountainlions. You can book this as a straight cougar hunt, or acombinationhuntforcougar-lynx,cougarbobcat, or cougar, lynx and bobcat. Clients have taken additional species on this hunt, including awolf.Excellenthardworkingoutfitter,who hasmanyyearsofexperienceinthisareafor allspecies.Hislionhuntsareveryreasonably priced, and we are highly confident anyone we send there will enjoy their adventure. Hunts are conducted from the outfitters home where youll haveaseparatecabintoyourself.Yourhunt begins with airport pickup in Cranbrook, BC, or if you prefer Kalispell, Montana. Kalispell will have a $200 airport pick up fee. Wolves are included in all hunts as well! Rates: 7-day 1x1 cougar hunt $8,950; add tax, license, and tag fees; $1500 trophy fee on bobcat or lynx1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2023 Hunt Catalog33'