b'HUNT 68NEW MEXICOMOUNTAIN LIONThis hunt will have you in the heart of the Gila National Forest. A family team has earned a reputation as one of the top producers of mountain lions in New Mexico. With over 40 years of experience raising and training hounds, they continue 80% or higher success rates, depending on weather. Hunts are conducted on foot, horseback, or from 4-wheel UTVs or snowmobiles, dependinguponweatherconditions.Houndsare trained for dry ground and will track on the occasional snow later winter. All of the lion hunts are ten-day hunts, unless an on-call hunt has been arranged. Lion hunts can be combined with bobcat, and Black Bear. Licenses are purchased over the counter. Rates:10day$7,000;Oncallhunt$8,000(Tom only); Bobcat added $550; add license & tax.COUGARHUNT 69BRITISH COLUMBIA -COUGAR/BOBCAT2XU\x03RXWWWHU\x03KDV\x03EHHQ\x03FRQGXFWLQJ\x03VXFFHVVIXO\x03KXQWV\x03RQ\x03ELJ\x03WRPV\x03intheMonosheeMountainsofsouthernBritishColumbiafor many years. An avid bowhunter and houndsman, that also guides our clients for black bear, moose and mountain goats. We have D\x03ORQJ\x03KLVWRU\\\x03ZLWK\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x0f\x03ZKR\x03DSSUHFLDWHV\x03%6&\x03VHQGLQJ\x03KLP\x03TXDOLW\\\x03KXQWHUV\x03IRU\x03PDQ\\\x03\\HDUV\x11\x03/LPLWHG\x03WR\x03YH\x03DOORFDWLRQV\x03D\x03year. Jay took a nice cat here along with Kyle Hudgins, Greg May, Preston Farrior, and many others. Start early December through January into February. The 8 full days of hunting includes wolf, bob cat or lynx. Hunters stay in a beautiful log cabin with river front view. Airport pick up in Kelowna, BC.Rates: 8-day 1x1 combination $11,000; add tax, license, tag and government fees34'