b'HUNT 70ALBERTA - COUGARWhen looking to hunt some of the largest mountain lions in the country, lower Alberta is normally the answer. The province consistently produces some of the largest in North America. This outfitter is hunting in allocations in units 9 and 13 and is holding a solid 100% harvest on cougar. Previous years cats ranged from 165185 lbs. Hunt is 10-days, giving you plenty of time to locate a big track and factor in the weather. Youll stay at a comfortable ranch about an hour from Calgary. BestconditionsgenerallyarelaterDecemberintoearly February. Occasionally we get an early December snow for a comfortable hunt, making it for nice tracking. With high animal density in this area, the cougars will always be here during the late season months. Limited permits available each year.Rates: 10-day $12,000; add tax and tagCOUGARHUNT 71 HUNT 72ARIZONA - COUGAR ALBERTA - COUGARThis unique option has you hunting mountain lions inThis outfitter has been guiding our archery elk, sheep, favorable weather from horseback or ATV. Outfitter willand mountain lion hunters for several years. The non-ride horses into canyons, following a pack of hounds onresident allocations in lower Alberta are VERY limited the trail. Besides having a strong heritage in bowhunting,with many outfitters not having any permits but have the outfitters family has been hunting lions in this fashionplentyofcats.Thisoutfitterhasthreenon-resident since the 1960s. Their dogs work in snow but mostlyallocationsjustsouthofBanffNationalPark.Trophy they are dry ground hunts, and the horses are usedcat area with nearly 100% successful each year. Cabin throughout the year on the ranch and are good mountainaccommodations are on the outfitters property. Fly into stock. This is a high success hunt with the option to add- Calgary where you meet the outfitter. If youre looking for on a Coues deer after you take your lion. Hunts area big northern mountain lion, call for the next opening.available year-round, and licenses are over the counter.Rates: 10-day 1x1 $12,000; add tax and tagRates: 6-day 1x1 $6,500; add license and tag1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2023 Hunt Catalog35'