b'THE BEST BOWHUNTING IN THE WORLDWE CAN TAKE YOU THEREHUNT 73ALASKA - SITKA BLACKTAIL DEERKodiak Island is well-known for Sitka blacktail deer. 7KLV\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 LV\x03 ORFDWHG\x03 VRXWKZHVW\x03 RI\x03 2OG\x03 +DUERU\x03BOWHUNTING producing solid deer for many years and the terrain is more than bow friendly, offering good opportunity SAFARI fortheaggressivehunter.Nicecabinstorelaxin after a long day hiking and all meals are served in a CONSULTANTS, separate cabin. The archery hunts take place during LLCthemostfavorabletimetohuntdeer,November rut. They have good bow guides offering 2x1 hunts right from the cabins or use power boats to access a bowhuntingsafari.com large portion of the inlet. Charter flight from Kodiak WR\x03FDPS\x03LV\x03DUUDQJHG\x03E\\\x03WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x03DW\x03WKH\x03KXQWHUV\x031-800-833-9777 expense.Rates: 5-day 2x1 $5,500; add license and tagDEERHUNT 74ALASKA - SITKA BLACKTAIL DEERMosthunterssearchingforagoodSitkablacktail RXWWWHU\x03GRQpW\x03FRQVLGHU\x03$IRJQDN\x03,VODQG\x11\x037KLV\x03LV\x03DQ\x03islandthatisseparatedfromthenorthernshore of Kodiak by a couple of miles of water. The deer numbers on Afognak have been stable the past few years with mild winters. The hunts can be booked as fully guided, semi-guided or unguided. When fully guided, you will have one guide per two hunters. RX\x03FDQ\x03DOVR\x03KXQW\x03GXFNV\x03DQG\x03VK\x03XQGHU\x03WKH\x03JXLGHG\x03package.Whensemi-guidedtheywilldropyou off by boat, wait for you to return and move you to anotherarea.Onunguidedhunts,theydropyou off with 2-way radio communication. All meals are provided from a very nice lodge. Most of our clients opt for the fully guided hunts. Some will do a fully guided for two or three days and then book three or four days semi-guided or unguided. Youll arrive in Kodiak and catch a short charter flight to the lodge.Rates: Guided hunts 2x1 $900/day; semi-guided hunts$650/day;unguidedhunts$450/day;add license, tags, government fees and taxes; trophy fees:$100onseconddeer,$200onthirddeer; wound fees apply36'