b'HUNT 88KANSAS - WHITETAILBSC is excited to offer this opportunity to ANY traveling whitetail hunter lookingforasolidoperation,goodwhitetails,andfreshstands.This professional staff is the oldest outfitter in Kansas reaching 20 years of full-time outfitting. We have been working with them for years and they continue to deliver first class whitetail hunts for our clients. Hunting is on 40,000 acres of private farms from two areas of the state. The southeast camp consists of prime hardwood and river bottom country offering good pinch-points. The south-central camp offers more rolling country with thick draws bordering the Arkansas River. BSC clients continue to have high shot opportunities on mature bucks. Trophy management program enforced. Application deadline is late April. Grab preference points if you plan to hunt Kansas in the future. Most get a tag without a point, but a few do not. One point will anchor a tag. September shotgun hunts are available for youth.Rates: 6-day October hunt $4,000;November $5,500;Youth hunt $3,750; add license and tag; Trophy Management $1,000DEERHUNT 89 HUNT 90TEXAS - WHITETAIL IOWA - WHITETAILThis operation is in south central Texas and continues toThis outfitter is located in south central Iowa near the deliver quality whitetail hunts for BSC clients. This is onelittle town of Albia. If youve done your research on of the highest success rates for whitetails we offer. Withbig whitetails in the state, Albia is known for the world bowhunting a top priority, this outfitter is known for theirrecord whitetail. This outfitter has 6-7 private leases that whitetail management and large population of trophy bucks.are reserved for bowhunters. Each section may range The ranch is positioned in the hill country bordering thefrom 200-400 acres. Bucks average in the 150s with the Colorado River on 11,600 acres. The area holds the highestlargest taken in the low 180s. Most clients encountered density of whitetails in Texas. The outfitting area consists ofmatureIOWAbucksthatexceedthesenumbers. hills, canyons, and open Mesquite flats, creating ideal pinchSuccess has maintained 50-60% with unfortunate shots points for elevated stands or ground blinds. Large brushedand others passing on good bucks with Boone Crocket in in ground blinds are used that offer plenty of room for twothe area. Each farm has minimal pressure. These 6-day guys and traditional hunters. Accommodations are a nicehunts start late October into middle November. Small lodge with large bedrooms, full kitchen, and all cateredranch house and meals included. Nearest airport will meals. You will fly into Austin then drive 2 hours north tobe Des Moines. This is unit 5 that requires 5 preference the ranch. High success on 120-140 bucks and additionalpoints to draw an archery permit.animals available. Rate: 6-day $6,500; add licenseRates: 5-day October and December $4,750 (includes one buck, doe, turkey, and hog); add deer tag and license; second buck $2,50042'