b'HUNT 93GREENLAND - MUSKOX2XU\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 LV\x03 ODUJHO\\\x03 UHVSRQVLEOH\x03 RI\x03 WKH\x03 OHJDOL]DWLRQ\x03ofbowhuntinginGreenland.Bowhuntersnowhave another unique destination to hunt. Greenland is remote, with travel costs, airfare, hotels etc. similar to hunting the Canadian arctic. Hunting camp is either a comfortable cabin or heated Artic shelters. Season dates are August 1st to the end of October. Muskox shot opportunity with relatively short amount of KLNLQJ\x03KDV\x03EHHQ\x03\x14\x13\x13\x08\x11\x03&DULERX\x03LV\x03PRUH\x03GLIFXOW\x03DV\x03RQH\x03will need to be in Sheep Shape in order to do extensive hiking. Caribou shot opportunity using both bow and rifle was 95% in 2021. Booking for 2023 Rates: Muskox only, 5-day hunt, 5 hunters per group, including muskox trophy is $ 13,950. Muskox / Caribou Combo, 6-day hunt, 4 hunters per group is $ 19,950. Both hunts include all tags, trophy &licensefees,taxesandhelicoptertransfersfrom Kangerlussuaq to camp and return.MUSKOXHUNT 94 HUNT 95NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - NUNAVUT - BARREN GROUNDMUSKOX(6&,\x03FODVVLFDWLRQ\x03*UHHQODQG\x030XVNR[) MUSKOX(6&,\x03FODVVLFDWLRQ\x030DLQODQG\x030XVNR[)Located on the southwestern edge of Victoria Island inMuskox hunts are likely the one of the highest success the Northwest Territories is a small community calledhunts you can book. If you are looking to hunt an area Ulukhaktok (formerly called Holman). We have hadthat consistently produces good bulls, then this is your several dozen clients take muskox here, both in thehunt. Over 75% of the top muskox in P&Y are taken spring and fall. Nearly 100% of our clients take muskoxfrom this area. B&C and SCI world records as well on this hunt. Bulls will average 95-110 P&Y. Springas majority of the top 10 SCI records came from this hunts are conducted from snow machines in Marchlocation. Success doesnt come easy and without some and April, and the fall hunts from quads in late Augustadventure and discomfort at times. A cold and bumpy and early September. Spring temperatures are -30Fride in a sled behind a snowmobile is daily routine in to +10F, fall hunts +35F to +55F. Hunts are based outthis part of the world. This is a mainland hunt based out of heated plywood cabins. Fall hunts can also provideof Kugluktuk (used to be Coppermine). Kugluktuk is VRPH\x03VKLQJ\x03IRU\x03FKDU\x11\x036HFRQG\x03PXVNR[\x03DYDLODEOH\x03RQ\x03 the easiest arctic location to fly into with seven-day air trophy fee. We have special tour rates established withservice and less expensive than others (approximately First Air from Edmonton to Holman roughly $2,000.$2,000 round trip from Edmonton with rates we have ATV rentals are available for fall hunt for $200 a day.with First Air).All hunts are 1x1 guided. Rates: 5-day 1x1 $8,900; add tax, tag andlicenseRates: 6-day one muskox $8,500 second muskoxavailablefor$2,500extra;addtax,license,and Government Trophy Fee1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog43'