b'HUNT 96 HUNT 97WYOMING - PRONGHORN WYOMING - PRONGHORNThisprivateranchhaslimitedpressureonBSChasalonghistorywiththisareaandthe pronghornanddeerhunting.TheyhuntonlyRXWWWHU\x03 IRU\x03 SURQJKRUQ\x03 DQG\x03 PXOH\x03 GHHU\x11\x03 \x03 0DUN\x03one week early September for pronghorn or youBuehrer, his grandson Hunter and his nephew Nick can book the whitetail deer combo.The past fewall enjoyed the high numbers of pronghorn and the years the quality of pronghorn has been betternice accommodations.Hunts are conducted from thanmostwouldguesswithclientsharvestingground blinds over water and they have the option above 70 goats.For years we have had 100%to spot and stalk during the day.Hunting area shot opportunity and over 90% harvest rates on22, west of Buffalo that has awarded pronghorn bothspecies.Thewhitetailisaguaranteetagpermitswithoutpreferencepointsunderthe in this unit. Pronghorn hunted from blinds overgeneral tag. They also offer pronghorn/mule deer water and deer from elevated stands off greencombo hunts early September.Deer occasionally HOGV\x11\x03*HQHUDOO\\\x03WKH\x03SURQJKRUQ\x03WDJV\x03DUH\x03GUDZQ\x03 aretakenoverwaterbutmoreeffectivelyby without point but we always encourage hunters tospot and stalk. Mule deer will require special tag PRONGHORNgrab a preference point from July to Nov. Airportfees for hunters without preference points.Nice pickup in Casper.lodging located minutes from hunting area. Bow Rates: Pronghorn 5-day $3,500; combo w/deerIULHQGO\\\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 ZLWK\x03 SOHQW\\\x03 RI\x03 JDPH\x11\x03 )O\\\x03 LQWR\x03$4900; pronghorn tag $350; whitetail tag $398;Gillette rent a car for the 1.5 hour drive to camp. archery stamp $30; conservation stamp $12.50 Booking now for 2023.Rates: 4-day 3x1 pronghorn $2,700; combination pronghorn/muledeer$5,950;pronghorntag $350; mule deer tag with points $398, archery license $72, conservation stamp $15.50HUNT 98SOUTH DAKOTA - PRONGHORN7KLV\x03 LV\x03 DQ\x03 H[FHOOHQW\x03 DUFKHU\\\x03 RQO\\\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 ZKR\x03consistently gets high marks from our clients. He offers an early season waterhole hunt, providing comfortable cabin accommodations and all meals. They take 3 clients a week starting in mid-August to September. Success rate is normally above 85% onthewaterholehunts.Forclientslookingfor spot and stalk hunt, they can accommodate a mid-6HSWHPEHU\x03KXQW\x03ZLWK\x03D\x03GHFR\\\x03RQ\x03$*\x03HOGV\x11\x03*UHDW\x03area - low pressured animals.Arrive in Rapid City with a short drive to the ranch near Buffalo.Rates:5-daywaterholehunt$2,500;spotand stalk or decoy hunt $3,500; pronghorn tag $28644'