b'HUNT 104BRITISH COLUMBIA -ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT7KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03LV\x03LQ\x03D\x03UHJLRQ\x03LGHQWLHG\x03E\\\x03%ULWLVK\x03&ROXPELD\x03as a High Density goat area in northwest BC. Our clients have taken some great goats the past several years with WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03DQG\x03KLV\x03JXLGHV\x03DUH\x03H[FHOOHQW\x03ZLWK\x03ERZKXQWHUV\x11\x03Wellgiveyoualonglistofsuccessfulbowhunters including Alan McGraw, Ross Hrncir, Joel Adam, Derek Berry, Warren Strickland and many others. Hunters have reported over 60 goats a day with an average 20-30 in this part of the country. These are 8-day hunts flown from Atlin into remote locations where they have nice cabins and tent camps. Wound policy enforced. Goat hunts are starting early August through most of September.Rates:10-day1x1$20,000allinclusive;add Government Royalty fee on harvestHUNT 105MOUNTAIN GOATBRITISH COLUMBIA -ROCKY MOUNTAIN GOAT7KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03LV\x03ORFDWHG\x03LQ\x03QRUWKHUQ\x03%&\x03LQ\x03WKH\x036NHHQD\x03& Omineca Mountain Ranges. His area is nearly 2,000 square miles and consistently produced 910 billies. Markevaluatedtheareain2012,scoutingasmall SRUWLRQ\x03RI\x03WKH\x03YDVW\x03DUHD\x03WKDW\x03WKH\x03SUHYLRXV\x03RXWWWHU\x03KDG\x03not hunted in 10 years. Goats were plentiful. Their area KDV\x03IRXU\x03GLIIHUHQW\x03JRDW\x03FDPSV\x1e\x03WZR\x03DUH\x03JRDW\x03VSHFLF\x03DQG\x03other two camps are best for moose/goat combination with a second animal on a $5,500 trophy fee. They have a high elevation lake hunt where you are landing on an alpine lake in goat country. They conduct two goat hunts per year from this lake. Other hunt areas forgoatsarefromlowerelevationlakesorgravel strips where they land wheel planes, from there its a 2 to 4-hour hike to get above timber line. These are all cabin-based hunts.Rates: 10-day 1x1 alpine lake hunt $15,000; Other fly in locations 10-day 1x1 $10,500; $5,500 trophy fee on moose if you book it as combination; add black bear for $1,600 trophy fee on any hunt; add bush flights, tax, license tags and government fees1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog47'