b'HUNT 106BRITISH COLUMBIA -CALIFORNIA BIG HORN SHEEPThis option is for the hunter looking to pursue archery California Bighorn Sheep. You will be hunting the famous Fraser River in south central British Columbia. This area will qualify for California or Rocky Mountain Bighorn. Located along the Fraser River, the terrain is less physical WKDQ\x03PRVW\x03VKHHS\x03KXQWV\x11\x037KH\x03RXWWWHU\x03RQO\\\x03WDNHV\x03RQH\x03DUFKHU\\\x03hunter per year, targeting key dates where sheep migrate to lower slopes every year. The hunting elevations are between 1,500 and 3,000 feet as compared to other sheep hunts that are 7,000-10,000. This area is home to some of the largest California Bighorn Sheep registered today. Hunters will return each day to a lodge with all the amenities of home. They also provide a comfortable cabin right in the heart of the sheep area and hike from the cabin. These are 14-day hunts, generally mid-September into October. Fly LQWR\x03.DPORRSV\x03WR\x03PHHW\x03WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x11\x03Call for current ratesSHEEPHUNT 107 HUNT 108ALBERTA - BIG HORN SHEEP ALASKA - DALL SHEEPSeveralofourclientshavetakenramsintheRocky:H\x03 KDYH\x03 DQ\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 LQ\x03 WKH\x03 QRUWKHUQ\x03 SRUWLRQV\x03 RI\x03Mountains of Alberta. Hunts are conducted in the monththeAlaskanRangewhoBSCclientshavetaken RI\x03 1RYHPEHU\x11\x03 :H\x03 ZRUN\x03 ZLWK\x03 WZR\x03 RXWWWHUV\x03 WKDW\x03 KDYH\x03 a lot of grizzly and moose with on other hunts. He beensuccessfully guiding bowhunters over a coupletakes six sheep hunters per year and has achieved decades.Thesebackpackhuntsareconductedfrom100% the past decade on good rams, but all have comfortable wall tents where hunters are positioned nearbeen rifle clients. This area is just not conducive to primary wintering grounds. Clients must be in excellentbowhunting. While its rare we have rifle hunting FRQGLWLRQ\x11\x03)O\\\x03LQWR\x03&DOJDU\\\x03ZKHUH\x03\\RX\x03PHHW\x03WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x11\x03 FOLHQWV\x03DQG\x03ZH\x03KDYH\x03ERRNHG\x03VHYHUDO\x03IRU\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x11\x03Rates:15-day1x1$50,000;addtax,license,If you are looking for a rifle Dall sheep, we highly bowhunting permit and WIN card UHFRPPHQG\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x11\x03&OLHQWV\x03QHHG\x03WR\x03EH\x03LQ\x03JRRG\x03condition for this backpack hunt. Excellent caribou but only 25% chance of drawing a tag. Rates:10-day1x1$20,000;cariboutrophyfee $5,000; add license and tag fees48'