b'HUNT 108NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - DALL SHEEPBSC has a long history of successful archery sheep hunters in this concession in the northern Mackenzie Mountains. We have had many clients over the past several years take their ram here, along with some incredible mountain caribou. Experienced guides are on staff, eager to take archery hunters not only for sheep but also caribou and moose. Your hunt will begin with commercial flights to Norman Wells, and then charter flight into main camp. They use both fixed wing and small helicopters to move clients from base camp to hunt areas. Sheep season opens July 15 and caribou opens July 25. Only taking 4-5 archery hunters a season, plan 2 years out. Call for references.Rates: 12-day 1x1 current price $36,000; add tax, charter flight from Norman Wells and government fees; trophy fee on caribou $10,000SHEEPHUNT 109NORTHWEST TERRITORIES - DALL SHEEPThis family owned and operated outfitter is in the northern Mackenzie Mountains offering a friendly adventure for all hunters. Jay Osting took his ram here, along with several other clients we have booked since. Vance reported over 20 rams after taking his ram the second day. This outfitter only takes 2-3 bowhunters a season. On this hunt, youll fly to Norman Wells and charter into main camp with float plane, and then be flown into your sheep camp. They offer 2 hunts: 10-day backpack hunt flown into sheep camp with super cub, or a 12-day horseback hunt from different cabins. Great area for a caribou on trophy fee. Limited openings, book two years in advance.Rates: 10-day backpack hunt is $32,000; 12-day 1x1 horseback hunt $34,000; caribou if harvested $8,000 trophy fee plus tag; add charter flight, tax, tags and government trophy fee1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2023 Hunt Catalog49'