b'HUNT 115TEXAS - RIO TURKEYOurSouthTexasWhitetail&Aoudad RXWWWHU\x03DOVR\x03KDV\x03D\x03JRRG\x03SRSXODWLRQ\x03RI\x035LR\x03Grandeturkeys.Thisisaprivateranch nearUvaldewithseveralfeedersand good water system of creeks and tanks on the ranch. Baited sites are available if the weather or the birds are not cooperating. Mark and Ken Asbury had turkeys strutting aroundthecabinduringtheirspring Aoudad hunt. These are semi-guided hunts where the hunter is responsible to call their own bird. You can shoot 2 birds and 1 wild boar. Meals and lodging included. Fly into San Antonio and drive 2 hours to camp. Minimum of two hunters, maximum of four hunters. Conducting hunts from March 15 to April 27. A fun, relaxing and enjoyable spring hunt!Rates: 3-day March 15 to April 27 $1,800 (2 birds); add licenseHUNT 116KANSAS - EASTERN TURKEY&RQVLGHU\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03IRU\x03\\RXU\x03QH[W\x03HDVWHUQ\x03WXUNH\\\x03KXQW\x11\x03WILD TURKEY7KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03LV\x03ORFDWHG\x03RQ\x03WKH\x03.DQVDV\x120LVVRXUL\x03ERUGHU\x11\x03$Q\x03avid archery hunter with full accommodations and nearly 20,000acresofmixedfarmground,creekbottomand KHDY\\\x03WLPEHUHG\x03DUHDV\x03ZLWK\x03DGMDFHQW\x03IHHGHU\x03HOGV\x11\x03*XQ\x03RU\x03ERZKXQWHUV\x03DUH\x03ZHOFRPH\x11\x03+XQWLQJ\x03JUHHQ\x03HOGV\x03ZLWK\x03EOLQGV\x03positionedtointercepttravelroutes.Roostingsitesand IHHGHU\x03HOGV\x03ZLOO\x03EH\x03LGHQWLHG\x03RQ\x03DHULDO\x03PDSV\x11\x03*XLGH\x03ZLOO\x03call if needed. Decoys available in camp or you can bring your own. Season opens middle April and will take hunters intoearlyMay.Funspringhunttoenjoywithafamily member. One bird limit.Rates: 3-day, 2x1 guided hunts, April-May: $1,400; add license and tag fees52'