b'HUNT 122NAMIBIA - PLAINS GAMEUnlike South Africa, Namibia is extremely arid and game species are more regional. SomeareaswillbestrongforKudu, GemsbokandElandwhereotherareas may be stronger for species like Springbok, Hartebeest,BlackWildebeest,Mountain NAMIBIA=HEUD\x03 DQG\x03 ,PSDOD\x11\x03 :H\x03 KDYH\x03 LGHQWLHG\x03DQ\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 ZKR\x03 FDQ\x03 RIIHU\x03 D\x03 TXDOLW\\\x03 rERZ\x03only Namibia experience with the widest variety of species offered at any location in the country. The hunting camp is a 5-star lodge with all the accommodations. Harvest pictures on this page come from Damara Dik Dik Safaris a great bow only venue.Daily Rates - Per day per person (depending on location): Animals Available Trophy Fees1 client/1 PH $380/day; 2 clients/1 PH $300 a day: Observers $175/dayHalf the day rate is charged for arrival & departure days Eland US 2000.00Kudu US 1800.00Items NOT included in daily rates: Gemsbuck/Oryx US 800.001.Transportation to and from Windhoek and hunting area - $500 USBurchells Zebra US 1300.00per vehicle, round trip depending on the destination. Hartmans Zebra US 1300.002.Tourist Levy 1% Black Wildebeest US 1500.003.VAT on daily rates 15% Blue Wildebeest US 1200.004.Personal items, gratuities Impala US 750.005.Bar bill for hard liquor Springbuck US 550.00Blesbuck US 850.00Items included in daily rates: Giraffe* US 3500.00*1.The services of a hunting guide Waterbuck* US 2000.00*2.7KH\x03VHUYLFHV\x03RI\x03WUDFNHUV\x0f\x03HOG\x03DQG\x03FDPS\x03DVVLVWDQWV\x03DQG\x03FRRNV Sable*US 6000.00*3.The use of a hunting vehicle Roan*US 6800.00*4.Fullaccommodationwhichincludesdailylaundry,allfood,Nyala* US 4000.00*local beer, and soft drinks Lechwe* US 4000.00*5.Skinning & Field preparation of trophies Tsessebe* US 4500.00*6.Free WiFi & Satellite TV Red Hartebeest*US 900.00*Damara Dik-Dik US 3000.00Wounded animals must be paid for. Days lost to illness, lost luggage,DuikerUS 400.00delayed flights, etc. - are at client expense. Steenbuck US 400.00Trophy fees subject to change Warthog US 450.00Deposit: $ 2,000 Klipspringer US 1200.00Caracal US 500.00JackalUS 50.00Baboon US 200.00Ostrich US 800.00*These species are hunted on concession areas58'