b"HUNT 124ZIMBABWE - LEOPARD:H\x03 KDYH\x03 DQ\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 LGHQWLHG\x03 ZLWK\x03experiencebowhuntingleopard.Neilhas bowhunted leopard with him in the past and took a nice tom. In the past couple of years WKLV\x03RXWWWHUV\x03KDV\x03KDG\x03\x1c\x17\x08\x03VKRW\x03RSSRUWXQLW\\\x03for their leopard bowhunting clients. Some killed,somemissed&somewounded. ZIMBABWE & ZAMBIAThehuntingtakesplaceonprivateand Communallands.Mostareasarecloseto Hwange National Park.Leopard Package: 14 days - $40,000 All inclusive (Included are costs for special bowpermits,licenses,alltaxesand Governmentfees,trophyfeefor1male leopard and all bait)7KLV\x03RXWWWHU\x03ZRUNV\x03WLUHOHVVO\\\x03WR\x03SXW\x03DQ\x03DGXOW\x03PDOH\x03OHRSDUG\x03LQ\x03WKH\x03EDLW\x03WUHH\x03LQ\x03IURQW\x03RI\x03\\RX\x11\x03,I\x03KH\x03GRHVQpW\x0f\x03\\RX\x03DUH\x03HQWLWOHG\x03WR\x03D\x03\x07\x14\x13\x0f\x13\x13\x13\x03UHIXQG\x11\x03,I\x03WKH\x03FOLHQW\x03ZRXQGV\x03RU\x03PLVVHV\x03WKH\x03FDW\x0f\x03KH\x03FDQ\x03FRQWLQXH\x03WR\x03KXQW\x03IRU\x03WKDW\x03VSHFLF\x03FDW\x03RQO\\\x03DW\x03WKH\x03WUHH\x03ZKHUH\x03KH\x03RU\x03VKH\x03PLVVHG\x03or wounded, provided he or she pays for bait from that point forward. *Government charges can change with little notice and affect the costs of your hunt.HUNT 125ZAMBIA - HIPPO & CROCODILE / LEOPARDThere may be no better Professional Hunter in Zambia today to hunt dangerous game with than Derick Van Staden. Derick is operating in the Luangwa Valley in Luawta.The Luangwa River is famous for its populations of Hippo and Crocodile as ZHOO\x03DV\x03/HRSDUG\x11\x03'HULFN\x03ZDV\x03RQH\x03RI\x03WKH\x03UVW\x03$IULFDQ\x033+pV\x03WR\x03take bowhunters dating back to 1985. His vast experience is proven on dangerous game with bow & arrow.Hippo & Crocodile Rates: 7-day hunt at $10,000Hippopotamus Trophy fee $3,000Crocodile Trophy fee $3,200Charter POR* License and Trophy fees are subject to change** Observers @ $350/dayOther costs:Hunting License/weapons permits $1,000Concession Conservation fee $4,000Dip/Pack/Crate & Documents$2,000Charter PORLEOPARD Rates: 14-day hunt at $22,000Leopard Trophy fee $8,000* License and Trophy fees are subject to change** Observers @ $350/dayOther costs:Bait animals $1,800 (minimum)Hunting License/weapons permits $1,000Concession Conservation fee $12,000Dip/Pack/Crate & Documents$2,00060"