b'HUNT 126FRANCERoedeer:TheFreeRangehunttakesplacein Normandy, a beautiful area in western France, two hoursdrivewestofParis.ThehuntisonPrivate lands of rolling hills with a mixture of agriculture and wood lots. Both stalking and tree stand hunting are the methods used and the population of Roe deer is excellent.The guide is a longtime bowhunter himself and has harvested more that 25 of these animals with his recurve bow.Rates:1x1$700USDperday;Included:Ground transportation from Paris (2 hour drive) all meals, FRANCE & SPAINhuntinglicense,huntinginsurance(French UHTXLUHPHQW\x0c\x0f\x03 ERZKXQWLQJ\x03 JXLGH\x0f\x03 HOG\x03 FDUH\x03 DQG\x03capping of the trophy. Not included: Roe deer Permit 1000 . Export of the trophy. Hunt takes place mid-July to mid-August. This is a 6-day hunt. Observers - $150/dayHUNT 127SPAINThe hunting in Spain can be more expensive thansomeotherEuropeancountries.Their signaturespeciesarethefourspeciesof Iberianibex.Ibexhuntingisconductedin fourdifferentareaswithinSpain.Weare FXUUHQWO\\\x03 ERRNLQJ\x03 IRU\x03 DQ\x03 RXWWWHU\x03 ZKR\x03 KDV\x03made a commitment to bowhunting Ibex. It is for Beceite Ibex in the Maestrazgo Mountains (accessed through Barcelona). Hunt dates are either during the rut, November 15-December 20th OR during Spring green up in April.Beceite Ibex $ 7,900US bowhunt includes: 1 Ibex (Representative) Non Medal.4 hunting days (+day on the day of arrival depending on airline schedules;)accommodation and meals; airport transfers (Barcelona);+XQWLQJ\x03/LFHQVH\x03DQG\x03,QVXUDQFH\x1e\x03*XLGH\x03DQG\x03\x17\x03[\x03\x17\x03YHKLFOH\x1e\x03\x14VW\x03SUHSDUDWLRQ\x03RI\x03WKH\x03WURSK\\\x03LQ\x03WKH\x03HOG\x03\x0b6NLQQLQJ\x0cEXTRAS: OTHER CONDTIONS:Government VAT Tax 21%A wounded animal not found constitutes the Ibex from Bronze Medal: Plus $ 1,500 the package.Silver Medal:Plus $ 2,500 If the hunter wants to continue hunting, the second Gold Medal:Plus $ 4,000 Ibex will be charged at $ 4,000.Observer non hunter:$300 per day A second male will be $ 5,000 (RepresentativeNon Extra Hunting days:$300 per day Medal)Taxidermy Prep for Export: $215 Shoulder Mount Refund of $ 1,000 if no arrow is shot$430 Full MountActual Trophy Export ALLTROPHYFEESAREQUOTEDASPERSCI Hotels before and after SCORING SYSTEM FOR BOW1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog61'