b'HUNT 131NEW ZEALAND:H\x03KDYH\x03D\x036RXWK\x03,VODQG\x03RXWWWHU\x03ZKR\x03LV\x03YHU\\\x03NHHQ\x03RQ\x03bowhunting.Theyhaveexperiencewithbowhunting clientsandhaveaccumulatedexperienceinhandling the extra effort needed for a successful bow hunt. South Island hunts are accessed through Christchurch and two species are at the top of most bow hunters list: Red deer and Himalayan tahr. Red Deer - These deer are hunted best during March-April when they are vocal during the rut. Antlers of8x8 are common and larger ones can frequently be seen. Abowhuntercanexpecthighshootingopportunities ZLWK\x03WKLV\x03RXWWWHU\x11Red stag Packages are 4.5 days / 4 nights of Day Rates350-390 SCI $9,000390-430 SCI $13,500430-470 SCI $17,500470 + SCI P.O.R.Himalayan tahrNormally, the hunt for tahr requires the use of helicopters to access their normal range, however, RXU\x03RXWWWHU\x03KDV\x03WKH\x03KXQWLQJ\x03ULJKWV\x03RQ\x03DUHDV\x03ZLWK\x03PRGHUDWH\x03HOHYDWLRQV\x03VR\x03WKHVH\x03DUHDV\x03FDQ\x03EH\x03KXQWHG\x03RQ\x03GD\\\x10KXQWV\x03E\\\x03foot.Allpackagehuntsinclude:1trophyofthespecies,1x1guiding,Pickup&returntoChristchurchairport, NEW ZEALANDAccommodation, meals & beverages, Field preparation and transport of trophies to the expediter in Christchurch, New Zealand Goods & Services Tax.Extra days at $650/day. Observer at $275/day. Additional animals are Elk from $6,500, Fallow deer from $4,900, Chamois $5,950, Bull tahr $6,450, Management Stags $1,950, Arapawa Rams $1,500, Feral Goats $1,500.Bull tahr Packages are 4.5 days / 4 nights of Day Rates = $7,500Mighty Duo Combination packageRed stag & Bull tahr = $13,950Includes 5 days, a Red stag that scores up to 390 SCI & a bull tahrStag Upgrades:390-430 SCI = $4,500430-470 SCI = $8,500Antler Duo Combination packageRed stag & Fallow deer = $12,500Includes 5 days, a Red stag that scores up to 390 SCI & a Fallow buckStag Upgrades:390-430 SCI = $4,500430-470 SCI = $8,50064'