b'SUPER 25 (7 of 9 registered Super 25 archery hunters are BSC clients) MILESTONESJody Maddock Blake Patton\x11^,\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 /\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03I have been fortunate to harvest 28 of the 29 NA species.\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 /\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 \x03 d\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03\x03\x11^\x12\x03\x03d\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 of the hunt and leave nothing to chance. Great company \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03 with quality people that I highly recommend.SUPER SLAM(33 of 40 registered Super Slam archery hunters are BSC clients)Ken & Anna Vorisek -RHO\x030D[HOGWithbothmywifeandIhavingcompletedtheArcheryThe Challenges of the North American Archery Super Slam go E\x04\x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03 \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03trustworthy people. BSC always does their homework and\x03\x03d\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03\x03\x03K\x03 \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03\x03\x11^\x12\x03\x03\x03the years they have earned my total trust. with. Hunts put together through BSC allowed me to focus \x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x11^\x12\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03/\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x03\x031-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog67'