b'CINDY OSTINGAPPLICATION SERVICELICENSE APPLICATION SERVICECindywasintroducedtobowhuntingbyJayandhasbeen successful on turkey, alligator, black bear, whitetail, antelope and caribou hunts. Cindy introduced BSCs license application service to our clients nine years ago.This service is designed to help our clients reach their bowhunting goals by acquiring preferencepointsandlicense/tagsinthewesternstates.Cindy is a member of Pope & Young Club and SCI.cindy@bowhuntingsafari.com(419) 236-7704Tentative 2022Application DeadlinesLICENCE APPLICATION SERVICEUnderstandingtherequirementsforeachstates Months drawing of tags and the acquiring of preference points/bonus points can be a very time consuming Arizona : Elk and Antelope : February task.Notunderstandingthedifferentprocesses, Arizona : Deer and Sheep : June deadlines and requirements for each state could Arizona : Buffalo : October prevent you from getting to the hunt of your dreams. California : June With the license application service Colorado : Aprilyou can expect the following:Idaho : AprilIowa : June Completed application(s) (online or paper Kansas : April copy) for requested tag and/or preference/Montana : Deer and Elk : March bonus points, by state and speciesMontana : Sheep, Moose, Goat : May Tracking your points and application status Nevada : April Reminders of your point status and the New Mexico : Oryx : February deadlines of applyingNew Mexico : April The ability to work with our consultants to Oregon : May GHFLGH\x03ZKLFK\x03VWDWHV\x0f\x03KXQW\x03XQLWV\x03DQG\x03RXWWWHU\x03Utah : March will best serve your hunting goalsWashington : May The process is simple:Wyoming : Elk : JanuaryWyoming : Moose, Sheep, Goat, Bison : February Establish your hunting goals (work with one of Wyoming : Mule Deer and Antelope : Mayour consultants if necessary)Wyoming : Pref. Points only : October Complete the license application form (contact Cindy to get one sent to you)Based on your application needs your credit card will be billed directly for the fees necessary from each stateAfter services are complete, your credit card will be charged for our service fee ($50 for the UVW\x03VWDWH\x0f\x03UVW\x03VSHFLHV\x0f\x03\x07\x14\x13\x03IRU\x03HDFK\x03DGGLWLRQDO\x03species in the same state; $40 for each DGGLWLRQDO\x03VWDWH\x03\x0bUVW\x03VSHFLHV\x0c\x0f\x03\x07\x14\x13\x03IRU\x03HDFK\x03additional species in the same state)6'