b'In a bowhunting career spanning 40 years, in30states,11Canadianprovinces/ territoriesand10countries,CurtWells haspursued30speciesofbiggame exclusively with a bow and arrow.ADVISORSCurtworkedhiswayfromregular contributortobeingnamedEditorof Bowhuntermagazineaswellashostof Bowhunter TV , positions he holds today. Ivebeenfortunateenoughtospend almostfourdecadesinbowhunting camps all over. Ive learned there is no substituteforagoodrecommendation fromthosewhohavebeenthereand done that. Thats the real value offered by Bowhunting Safari Consultants and their experienced staff.CurtWellsEditorBOWHUNTER CURT WELLS magazine/host BOWHUNTER TVTom Nelson has been shooting a bow and arrow foralmost40years.Duringthesealmostfour decadesofbowhunting,Tomhastakenover 350biggameanimalsrepresentingoverthirty different species. He has bowhunted in 29 states, 8CanadianProvinces,Mexico,Namibia,South Africa, New Zealand and Europe. Tom brings his passion for archery and bowhunting into millions of homes each week as host of award winning THEAMERICANARCHERTVSHOW.Tomalso has written over 300 articles, published in a dozen different magazines. No stranger to bowhunting, any advice Tom has to give is worth hearing.Ifyouarelikeagreatmajorityofbowhunters, you have only limited time and money to allocate towardshuntingtripseachyear.So,whytake achanceinhavingyourdreamtripturnintoa nightmare?DoasIdoandletBOWHUNTING SAFARI CONSULTANTS make your next hunt your Dream Hunt. Tom NelsonHost, American Archer TOM NELSON6'