b'In a bowhunting career spanning 40 years, in 30 states, 11 Canadian provinces/territoriesand10countries,CurtWellshaspursued30 species of big game exclusively with a bow and arrow. Curt worked his way from regular contributor to being named Editor of Bowhunter magazine as well as host of Bowhunter TV , positions he holds today.ADVISORSIvebeenfortunateenoughtospendalmostfourdecadesin bowhuntingcampsallover.Ivelearnedthereisnosubstitutefora JRRG\x03UHFRPPHQGDWLRQ\x03IURP\x03WKRVH\x03ZKR\x03KDYH\x03oEHHQ\x03WKHUH\x03DQG\x03GRQH\x03WKDWp\x11\x03Thats the real value offered by Bowhunting Safari Consultants and their experienced staff. Curt WellsEditor BOWHUNTER magazine/host CURT WELLS BOWHUNTER TVTom Nelson has been shooting a bow and arrow for almost 40 years. During these almost four decades of bowhunting, Tom has taken over 350 big game animals representing over thirty different species. He has bowhunted in 29 states, 8 Canadian Provinces, Mexico, Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand and Europe.Tom brings his passion for archery and bowhunting into millions of homes each week as host of award winning THE AMERICAN ARCHER TV SHOW.Tom also has written over 300 articles, published in a dozen different magazines.No stranger to bowhunting, any advice Tom has to give is worth hearing.If you are like a great majority of bowhunters, you have only limited time and money to allocate towards hunting trips each year. So, why take a chance in having your dream trip turn into a nightmare? Do as I do and let %2:+817,1*\x036$)$5,\x03&2168/7$176\x03PDNH\x03\\RXU\x03QH[W\x03KXQW\x03\\RXU\x03\'UHDP\x03Hunt. Tom NelsonHost, American Archer TOM NELSON7RP\x030LUDQGD}EULQJV\x03KLV\x03ZLVGRP\x03RI\x03\x16\x13\x03\\HDUV\x03WUDYHOLQJ\x03WKH\x03JOREH\x03LQ\x03SXUVXLW\x03RI\x03big game. Known as ESPNs bowhunting pro, Tom has spent more than 20 of WKRVH\x03\\HDUV\x03ZLWK\x03D\x03YLGHR\x03FDPHUD\x03qRYHU\x03KLV\x03VKRXOGHUr\x11}\x037RP\x03KDV\x03FRPSOHWHG\x03KLV\x03Archery Super Slam (29 North America species), all on video. Tom has also bowhunted internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and a number of African countries completing Africas Big six and SCIs animals of $IULFD\x03DQG\x03$IULFDQ\x03\x15\x1c\x03PLOHVWRQHV\x11}+LV\x03ERZKXQWLQJ\x03GLYHUVLW\\\x0f\x03FRXSOHG\x03ZLWK\x03D\x03sincere dedication to bring educational and ethical television programming that promotes bowhuntings future makes him a welcomed addition to the BSC staff.Tom also has earned the SCI World Hunting Ring.BigGameBowhuntinghasneverbeenmoreexpensivethanitistoday; QRW\x03RQO\\\x03LQ\x03FRVWV\x0f\x03EXWV\x03GD\\V\x03DZD\\\x03IURP\x03ZRUN\x11}\x036R\x03ZK\\\x03ERRN\x03WKH\x03ERZKXQW\x03RI\x03D\x03OLIHWLPH\x03VROHO\\\x03RQ\x03HPRWLRQ\x03DQG\x03D\x03VDOHV\x03SLWFK"}\x03*HW\x03WKH\x03UHVHDUFKHG\x03IDFWV\x03RQ\x03WKH\x03RXWWWHU\x0f\x03DUHD\x03DQG\x03JDPH\x03IURP\x03JX\\V\x03ZKR\x03NQRZ\x03%RZKXQWLQJ\x11}\x03%RZKXQWLQJ\x036DIDUL\x03TOM MIRANDA Consultants is your ticket to success. Tom Miranda - Adventure BowhunterDenny Sturgis Jr. has been interested in archery since his father introduced the sport to him at the age of three.He is co-owner of Traditional Vision Quest, LLC, (TVQ) an award winning video production company specializing in traditional archery. As a freelance writer, Denny has penned numerous articles on shooting and hunting with his preferred equipment.Dennysloveofadventureandarcheryhavetakenhimtonumerous destinations on 6 continents.With hundreds of successful bow hunts at home as well as abroad Denny offers his balanced advice to Bowhunting Safari Consultants.q,pYH\x03ERRNHG\x03ZLWK\x03%RZKXQWLQJ\x036DIDUL\x03FRQVXOWDQWV\x03H[WHQVLYHO\\\x03VLQFH\x03P\\\x03UVW\x03$IULFDQ\x03safari many years ago.They have always treated me well and without a doubt have helped make some of my bowhunting dreams come true.BSC truly cares about their clients and I give them my highest recommendation. Denny Strugis Jr. - Co-Owner Traditional Vision Quest/Outdoor Writer DENNY STURGIS JR. 1-800-833-9777www.bowhuntingsafari.com 2022 Hunt Catalog7'